Intimidator T-4X


Do you remember the first time you tried driving that brand new 20 ft. pad bottom boat with the 200 hp V-6 outboard? What a handful! In fact, most of us would say that the first few outings were a disaster. Most of us eventually learned how to counter steer and keep the boat up on the pad at 90 mph, while holding our breath. Some of us never got it right! The T-4X, four blade stainless steel propeller will tame the tiger right out of that pad bottom boat. If you are looking for a prop that will allow anybody to drive your boat with success, you have found it. Steering torque is almost nonexistent, and handling at a wide-open throttle is a dream come true. Water conditions that would rattle your cage with a 3-blade will be a cake walk for the T-4X. This prop will deliver excellent hole-shot, stellar mid-range acceleration and good top-end performance. Most of us would rather maintain 90 mph over everyday water conditions than hold our breath trying for 92 mph on rare, glass-calm water. The T-4X is available in 13 3/4 ” diameter and pitches ranging from 22″ through 34″ in 2″ increments. Initially, only right-handed rotation will be available, with counter-rotation to follow. As with all of our propellers, heat-treatment, precision balance and polishing are standard. All propellers are furnished with the square bore design as standard. Blueprinting/ lab finishing is available at an extra charge but it will void the one year warranty.


Press play to HEAR an outboard using this propeller!