Intimidator H-6

H6 swirl-H6

Six Blade Stainless Steel Propeller

The Intimidator H-6, six blade stainless steel propellers are designed primarily for single and twin engine sport boats with extremely high “X” dimensions and totally surfaced propellers. Boats with good natural bow lift, pad bottom boats, both single and double ventilated step bottom hulls, and air entrapment hulls are perfect candidates for the Intimidator H-6. The APBA Super Cat Light Class is a perfect example of an excellent application of the Intimidator H-6 propellers. Outstanding on plane times, superb smoothness over mid-range cruise speed, and overwhelming top end speed are routine for the Intimidator H-6 propellers. Propeller slip of 4 – 6% are commonplace. The H-6 propellers are available in both right-hand and counter-rotation, and pitch ranges in every inch from 28″ through 34″, while maintaining a 15 1/2″ diameter. All H-6 propellers are furnished with the square hub bore as standard. The propellers are only available as lab finished and race prepped, in that they are primarily used for race only. All H-6 propellers are precision balanced, polished and heat treated as standard.

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