In addition to repairing and lab-finishing our complete line of Intimidator propellers, we perform these services on our competitors’ props as well. We also offer spare part components, such as standard and high performance thrustwashers; and flare rings for both large hub and small hub props and hub insert kits for all makes and models. In addition, we offer solid and rubber hubs. We no longer convert our propellers to other welded in style hubs.

Our international orange propeller covers not only protect your investment but also are an attractive addition to your rig. Matching T-shirts and decals are available.

GoldPropNecklace 001SilverPropNecklace 002

Order your own 14ct Gold or Sterling Silver propeller necklace with a quality Lanite stone that you will swear is a real 1ct diamond. The diameter of the Gold & Silver props exceed 1″.

These are the exact scale models of the Hydromotive Quad IV propellers. These even have the spokes inside the propeller hubs! Click the images to expand picture size and see the detail.

14CT Gold Prop w/Lanite stone: $499.00
Sterling Silver Prop w/Lanite stone: $199.00

Contact us to place your order at 330.425.4266 or 330.425.3629.

We are proud to announce our recent arrangement to market and sell Weldon Racing Pumps. Our experience with their pumps on both Hi Performance outboard motors as well as Offshore Sport Boats has proven to be unsurpassed by other products on the market.These pumps will handle the fuel/oil mix of two strokes as well as the Aces II additives that we sell to enhance the apparent octane level of today’s fuels.

We can provide you with a pump system including Weldon pump, filter, and high quality Parker Hannifin fittings to make your installation a breeze. Please call us for a quote.


Are you sick and tired of engine knock, pre-ignition, and pre-detonation in your 2 and 4 stroke engine? With the quality of today’s fuels due the addition of Ethanol, and the lower octane ratings available , all performance enthusiasts are destined to engine failure. We can no longer obtain leaded fuels, and we can not be sure the octane ratings at the pump are accurate, due to lack of quality control audits. Where does this leave us. One option is to purchase aviation fuels for $8.00 per gallon, or racing fuels costing as much. The other is to take our chances with pump gas.

In comes ACES IV. The addition of 1 ounce per 6 gallons of ACES IV to your premium pump gas will solve your problem. In addition to increasing the apparent octane level 5- 10 points, ACES IV provides top side piston lubrication after combustion. This is invaluable in 2 stroke engines in particular. Another side effect of ACES IV is the cleaner combustion chamber, and piston tops. Rings are less prone to sticking after many hours of use.


All of us at Hydromotive Engineering were doubting the viability of these claims, so we put it to the test on 3 boats. Two boats run V-6 Mercury outboards that have been modified. The Merc 260 has 185-190 psi compression, and we have run ACES IV-2S with 93 octane pump gas 4 years straight with no failures. The other is a Merc 300 Drag with eyebrow ports. Running the same compression, we have had success for two straight years. The third boat is a 13ft. Critchfield with an SST-60 hi compression 3 cylinder Evinrude. Excellent results there as well. The “proof is in the pudding”. We swear by this product. We don’t believe this should be used as an excuse to run 87 octane fuel, but are total believers when mixed with 93 octane pump gas.

The choice is yours. We at Hydromotive just wanted to share this with you. If interested contact us for price and availability.

Additional Products and Services Offered:

  • T-Shirts
  • Hats
  • Decals
  • Prop Covers
  • Hubs: Standard and XR-Drive
  • Flare Rings