Intimidator III



Three Blade Stainless Steel Propeller

Our 15 1/2″ diameter Intimidator III, three blade stainless steel propeller is designed for limited use on applications where level lift is desirable. This is not a bow lifting propeller. On conventional boats, some pad bottom boats, both outboard and stern drive where natural bow lift exists, the Intimidator III works well. Superior mid-range acceleration and excellent top-end speed can be expected. All propellers are furnished with the square bore design as standard. Flare ring is standard. The props are available in every inch of pitch from 19″ through 34″ in right-hand rotation, SPECIAL order only. Counter-rotation is available on special order. Heat treatment is standard as well as precision balance and polish. Blueprinting/ lab finishing is available at an extra charge.


Press play to HEAR a sport boat using this propeller!