Intimidator Quad IV

Quad4 Quad4


Four Blade Stainless Steel Propeller

The Intimidator Quad IV, four blade stainless steel propellers are designed primarily for single and twin engine sport boats. Boats with good natural bow lift, pad bottom boats, both single and double ventilated step bottom hulls and air entrapment hulls are perfect candidates for the Intimidator Quad IV propellers. Unmatched mid-range acceleration and blistering top speeds are trademarks of the Quad IV in both the pleasure and race arenas. These propellers are available in both right-hand and counter-rotation, and pitch ranges in every inch from 19″ to 35″. At 15 1/2″ in diameter, these propellers perform quite well with high “X” dimensions and are currently manufactured with a built-in flare ring to improve hole-shot and mid-range cruise speed. The higher pitches are also available, from 28″ to 34″, in 16″ diameter with slightly more blade area, allowing for extremely high “X” dimensions. Quad IV propellers are polished, balanced and more importantly, are all heat treated. Our manufacturing techniques and refinements over the years have greatly increased blade strength and fatigue resistance in some of the most punishing applications as is evidenced in our success in off shore racing. All propellers are furnished with the square bore design as standard. Blueprinting/ lab finishing is available at an extra charge.

Our success in Factory I and II racing and our current kilo records assure you that our Intimidator Quad IV propellers have no equal.

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