Intimidator Quad IV-X O/B SST

Quad4x-OB Quad4x-1

Four Blade Stainless Steel Propeller

Bass boats, rib boats, offshore sport fishing boats, and many other outboards applications using newer 3.0 liter and larger outboards will love the Quad IV X O/B SST, four blade stainless steel hi-performance propeller.

With 15” diameter and dual PVS Vent Holes, this hybrid will provide awesome lift and load carrying ability. Excellent top end speed without sacrificing hole shot is the trademark of the SST. This propeller provides great boat attitude and handling in rough water. Available in pitches from 19-34” in one inch increments. The square bore design is standard, and will accept all the Mercury hub insert kits. Counter rotation is available in all pitch sizes. Precision balancing, heat treatment, and polishing are standard.


Due to the many configurations of Bass Boat manufacturers, engine size, mounting height off the transom, and gear case style, we find it necessary to custom tune the QUAD IV X O/B SST propellers to these various groups of boats. We would like to summarize three basic categories to help you order the correct prop for your application. In all instances the props will come standard with Dual PVS Vent Holes, modified flare rings, and lab finishing. It is the cup configuration that will vary boat to boat.

Group A) Light weight, pad bottom, hi speed bass boats using low water pick up gear cases such as the Mercury SportMaster. In these applications the gear case is run very high out of the water. Generally, until water pressure drops to 10-12 psi or prop slip occurs. On these boats the motor height is even to around 1 1/2” to 1 3/4” above the pad using the Mercury SportMaster case. For these boats we recommend the prop have extra heavy, tight crimp cup at the trailing edges and around the tips.

Group B) Same style boats as above, but using the standard Mercury TorqueMaster gear case, without a low water pick up or a nose cone. In these instances the motor height is less; around even to 1/2” above the pad. Again watching that water pressure remains at 10-12 psi, and prop slip does not occur. For these applications we recommend extra cup at trailing edges and around the tips, but about half the cup height as Group A.

Group C) Heavier Bass Boats that are not hi speed in design. Here Generally, these boats have lower motor heights and standard Mercury TorqueMasters. As a rule these applications require more bow lift. Here we use extra cupping around the tips only and leave the trailing edges with standard cup.

As one might expect, there are many applications in between the above three groups. We suggest you test all three prop styles to determine which is best suited, using the above as your guide. The same principals as above apply to other motor manufacture’s gear cases as well. Best of luck!

Hydromotive Engineering Co.

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