Congratulations to Julie Hale!

Congratulations to Julie Hale from Steel Development for supplying and blue printing Hydromotive propellers for the following world records set by Hot Lemon and Seahound and their crews:

Hot Lemon:¬†Round Britain Record ( craft under 30′) 1360 NM in 31 hrs 22 mins Southern Islands Record 535 NM in 9 hrs 56 mins ( encompasses Isle of Wight, Alderney, Guernsey, Jersey, Isles of Scilly)


Seahound: Round British Isles Record 1850 NM in 72 hrs 27 mins London to Monte Carlo 2079 NM in 61 hrs 13 mins


Hydromotive Engineering wishes to congratulate “The Stihl Powerboat Racing Team” for their recent Championship in Europe and Turkey.Using Hydromotive Quad IV O/T props blue printed by same, ” The Stihl Racing Team ” won seven out of seven races in 2007.
Turkish Int. Offshore Races 2007 – 5th Leg
Our congratulations go out once again to Mr. Alpay Akdilek and his crew for winning the 5th Leg of the Turkish International Offshore Races. The winning STIHL-VIKING 88 is equipped with Quad IV’s labbed by Hydromotive Eng.

You can read more news on this race and see photos at

In winning the first 5 races, this team has announced their victory in the 2007 Turkish Championship. Two more races will be held on September 2 and 23, 2007. The Championship Cup will be given at the final race in Istanbul.

The STIHL-VIKING 88 RACING TEAM will now head to the European Cup in Sweden on August 17, 2007.

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