To our valued clients

We are currently preparing to expand into an additional building next door, which will require running electrical drops, air lines, gas lines and moving both new and old equipment, and punching a doorway through a block wall. This move will start Dec. 1st, 2014. Due to the holidays and our normal two week shutdown, we will not be accepting propellers for repair, modifications, or any custom work from Dec. 1st through Jan. 15th, 2015. Also, we will not be able to do any machine work such as drilling PVS vent holes, machining off flare rings etc.

All other business operations such as technical help, sales, and other related items will continue as normal except for the Christmas Holidays. During that period we will be closed for all business from Dec. 19th, through Jan. 5th, 2015.

Our address & phone number will remain the same as the last 25 years.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Hydromotive Engineering, LLC

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