Intimidator RWS-5


After 18 months of development, the long awaited RWS-5 (Rough Water Series) five blade has arrived. This 21″ pitch propeller is the answer to all of our Walleye, Bass & other rough water fishing in the Great Lakes and other rough water lakes. Designed to greatly reduce minimum planing speeds down to 12-15 mph, eliminating the need to constantly jog your throttle back & forth. Also, the slip in following seas and turns is eliminated in it’s entirety. Coasting down and re accelerating up rough seas is a breeze.

The good news is you can still maintain respectable top end speeds. In cases where boats are running 21-23″ pitch props, the speed may even be better. The level attitude of the boat makes rough water handling a joy. Now for the best news of all, your hole shot will amaze you, with times in the 1.5-2.0 secs. onto plane.

If any of the above issues in rough water have bothered you in the past, consider them gone for good. Please contact us at 330-425-4266 and ask for Todd or Thom. We will be glad to answer all of your questions as to how the RWS-5 will greatly enhance your rough water performance.

Thank you,
Thom & Todd @ Hydromotive Engineering

Press play to HEAR an outboard using this propeller!