Intimidator T-3X Sport


Three Blade Stainless Steel Propeller

The Sport is designed specifically for the more heavily loaded bass and pleasure V-6 outboards in the 18’ to 20’ range. Fast, clean-running hulls, such as the Allison and the Bullet, are examples of the hull type best suited for this prop. This propeller has a great hole-shot, good mid-range and very good top-end. Tunnel hulls will also benefit from the T-3X Sport, three blade stainless steel propellers. These propellers will initially be available in 14 1/2″ diameter and pitches from 22″ through 34″ in every 1″ of pitch. The counter-rotating version has not yet been developed. All propellers are furnished with the square bore design as standard. Blueprinting/ lab finishing is available at an extra charge but it will void the one year warranty.prop2


Press play to HEAR an outboard using this propeller!